Blocks for entries

Office sticky notes

The life of a modern person is oversaturated with information that simply cannot be stored in the head. In order to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner and resolve the mass of momentary issues that arise during the work process, it is necessary to have a constant reminder of the list of priority tasks in front of your eyes. Despite the strong position that electronic devices occupy today, paper media is still relevant, allowing you to store various short-term information within sight.

A sticker is a block of self-adhesive paper sheets and is an indispensable stationery item on the desk of almost every office worker. The main feature of the sticker sheet is its adhesiveness and ability to easily adhere to any surface. Unique self-adhesive pieces of paper are widely used not only in the office, but also in everyday life, allowing family members to concentrate their attention on solving specific issues. Sticky pieces of paper with a specific note, placed on some clearly visible object, device or just a wall, serve as an excellent reminder of the need to do some household work, call a “friend” or take a prescribed medicine. At the same time, after removing the sheet, there are no traces of glue left at the place where it was fixed.

Sticky pieces of paper with great advertising potential

Adhesive office stationery stickers that have a dim, but good quality on the surface of their sheets viewed, an advertising record, serves as an effective reminder of a specific company engaged in the production (sale) of any goods or provision of services. By distributing profitable information through compact paper blocks, you can provide your commercial project with an effective advertising campaign without involving third-party organizations and large financial expenses. Considering the affordable price and popularity of stickers, the blocks can be used in conjunction with other office supplies as souvenirs at conferences, seminars, and presentations. Each piece of paper, designed to record a reminder, will at the same time unobtrusively act as a free advertising agent.

You can buy a stationery sticker, having previously ordered the placement of certain advertising information on its adhesive sheets, on the website (Ukraine). The printing house produces stickers in the popular office format (100 x 74 mm), as well as mini-blocks (50 x 74 mm) and provides services to the Wolf Design Exchange for advertising design of ordered products.

High quality printing services

Wolf Printing House has professional designers on its staff who can bring the most incredible ideas to life. The company offers printing services:

  • for the creation of printed products (newspapers, magazines, postcards, posters, business cards, brochures);
  • large format printing (photo wallpaper, paintings on canvas or self-adhesive film);
  • on the design of souvenir products (calendars, cups, flash drives, lighters, pens, bags, etc.);
  • for printing images on T-shirts, towels, wallets, cosmetic bags.

We ensure timely execution of orders, delivery of finished products to all regions of Ukraine and guarantee the quality of the work performed. You can clarify the list and cost of our services by phone (listed on the website), sending an email (Viber, Telegram, Facebook) or using the “contact button”. We accept payment: by VISA/MASTERCARD card, through the LiqPay payment service, the Privat 24 system or by bank transfer.