Stay the customer's gaze

By effectively reaching customers in-store, you can increase your sales without significantly increasing your budget. Point-of-sale marketing can be the key to your brand's retail success and competitive position against your competitors. A stopper is a small printed product that is attached to display cases and attracts the attention of buyers - an excellent tool!

Advantages of stoppers

Enthralling point-of-sale materials have many in-store benefits and can help both retailers and customers fall in love with your brand. It is much easier to convince customers to buy your product if they are already in the store with the intention of buying something.

By providing stoppers along with the product, you can specify exactly how you want your brand to be advertised in the store, making it easier for you and retailers to promote. In addition, important information can be placed on POS materials, including information that does not fit on the packaging.

Another important advantage of stoppers is the affordable cost of printing and placement. Often, such advertising will be more effective and cost-effective than advertising in a magazine or on a billboard.

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