Printing on thermal mugs

Thermal mug is an excellent gift for both relatives and colleagues. This original and useful souvenir will certainly surprise and come in handy in the future.

Wherever you are: on the road, on a hike, at work or at school, you can always enjoy your favorite drink.

The thermal mug is made of durable stainless steel, varnished. It has a stylish and modern design.

Maintains temperature conditions (both warm and cold) for up to 6 hours.

Volume - 400 ml.

Thermal mug

The easy-to-use Crema thermal mug has double walls made of stainless steel and a reliable spill-proof lid with a drinking valve. The lid is made of food-grade BPA free polypropylene, resistant to high temperatures. The stylish appearance of the thermal mug and long-term preservation of the temperature of the drink make it convenient to use while driving a car, as well as at home and on a walk. The volume is 400 ml, the green color of the thermal mug is determined by the shade of the drinking valve and the rubberized insert on the body.

Advertising on a mug

The smooth and flat surface of the mug makes it possible to apply logos, inscriptions and other images to it. It is possible to apply drawings or inscriptions not for advertising purposes, but as a personal gift. A stylish mug with the company logo will be an appropriate gift for clients or partners, as well as for your own employees. Placing advertising images on household items (mugs, bags, pens or USB drives) is very popular, as they remain visible for a long time with regular use.

It is important to develop a design that fully reflects the characteristics of your company and will catch the eye. To do this, use the Wolf Design Exchange service. Designers will develop a layout for printing on a competitive basis, and you will determine the winner.

Ordering from the Wolf printing house is simple and convenient

The Wolf printing house uses modern methods of printing on souvenirs. The decal is a mirror print of the design and has high wear resistance. Sublimation and laser thermal transfer is suitable for products that can be heated and has high image quality. For pad printing, a cliche with dyes is used; it is used when ordering large quantities of goods. You can find out which printing method is right for you by calling our employee or leaving your contact information for feedback.