Printing tickets and coupons

What do people do who are going to go to a performance by their favorite musician, to a theater, a museum, or to go on a trip? Of course they buy a ticket.

Printing tickets in Kyiv may be needed by organizers of concerts, exhibitions, party festivals, excursions and other public events attended by hundreds of guests. If you have a similar need, contact the Wolf printing house. Order printing of coupons with suitable characteristics:

  • format - A5, A6 or A7;
  • printed on one or both sides;
  • on thick chalk paper from 90 to 250 g;
  • black and white or color;
  • circulation from 500 to 20 thousand pieces.

Today, printing tickets and coupons is a fairly popular service in the printing market. They are widely used in various areas of business for effective advertising, company promotion, increasing brand loyalty and expanding the client audience.

The production of coupons, tickets and related printing products is necessary for many companies to conduct the following events:

  • business meetings;
  • business conferences;
  • seminars;
  • presentations;
  • exhibitions
  • and others.

High-quality printing of tickets allows you to make original invitations that will interest the general public and make you want to definitely attend the planned event. This, in turn, will increase the status of your company and make it recognizable.

Thanks to modern technologies and first-class technology, it is not at all difficult to print tickets with perforations for tear-off elements and unique design effects. Exclusive design of printed products will help to attract the attention of others to the maximum, as well as successfully distinguish your brand from competitors in a similar industry.

For the production of tickets, matte and glossy coated paper with different densities is used: 90, 115, 130, 170 and 250 g/m2. It differs from other materials in its uniform texture, good whiteness and high color rendering.

Printing coupons is in demand in the trade sector, where there are often favorable discounts and promotions. Promotional coupons help tell the target audience about special offers, interest past customers, find new customers and, accordingly, increase sales.

If you are looking for ticket printing in Kyiv, contact our Wolf printing house. We will certainly delight you with talented craftsmen, the largest fleet of equipment in Ukraine and favorable offers for customers.
In addition, you can use the services of our Design Exchange Wolf Design. Here, creative specialists with great enthusiasm will develop original layouts for printing tickets, taking into account all your wishes.

To order printing of coupons, just fill out a simple online form, write to us in a live chat or call the numbers listed at the bottom of this pages. We will promptly accept your application and contact you to clarify its details. Soon you will receive the required circulation of printed products and will be able to effectively use them for advertising and business promotion.