Price tags

Printing price tags with your store logo

The interior of retail outlets, their design with various advertising products that promote sales growth, depends on the various wishes and capabilities of the owners. But there are elements without which it is absolutely impossible to imagine advertising processes.

These, of course, include the price tag. The buyer’s first impression often depends on the informativeness and creativity of the price tag, as well as on the ease of its reading. Will he want to become your client, or will he leave forever?

When developing the design of price tags, it is necessary to take into account not only its main functions, but also some features of how the buyer perceives information. A clear, legible, easy-to-read font will grab a potential client's attention much faster than a complex (even if much prettier) alternative. The font color must contrast with the background. The form of the price tag is also very important. Simple forms are perceived better.

To achieve the ideal effect, the customer and the contractor, in the process of interaction, jointly figure out what the price tag should be: its font, color, format, priority of information, etc. This is exactly what we offer to our clients.

Printing price tags is traditionally ordered on Raflatac for efficiency and facilities. To order, contact the manager within 3-5 days after payment, we will deliver your circulation to any city in Ukraine, delivery in Kyiv - for free!