Dry and wet wipes

Wet and dry wipes: your brand is always with you

Today, almost every person, leaving home, takes with them a disinfectant, dry or wet wipes. It's time to think about how they can and should be used to promote a brand. This is an excellent choice for increasing awareness and strengthening loyalty for a number of reasons:

  • Great choice. On the Wolf Printing House website you can order printing on napkins in a wide variety of packages. Choose what you like in terms of design and falls within your budget.
  • Space. Both dry wipes and wet wipes offer plenty of space to print your logo and contact information, as well as interesting images. Use different themes for the holidays and update the design as often as possible. If you create an attractive print, the popularity of your product will be very high.
  • Profitability. Dry wipes in a box, as well as a pack of wet wipes, are a budget gift that any small brand can afford. Printing napkins is affordable, and the profitability is very high. Especially if we are talking about a quality product from a good supplier, such as Wolf Printing.
  • Safety for everyone. Another reason to order printed napkins is that they protect employees and customers from germs and reduce the likelihood of various diseases.
  • Wide coverage. Since people use wet and dry wipes all the time when they are in public, branded packaging will be available to everyone nearby. The coverage will be greater, and the brand will cause many positive impressions and attract new customers who will remain loyal for a long time.
  • Practicality. Wipes are a useful product for people of any age. They can be given in a variety of situations - offered to customers in cafeterias, distributed during exhibitions or events, used as a small souvenir for the holidays, left in the lobbies of public institutions, sent by mail.

Looking for a unique an item that will instantly strengthen the brand's position? Order wet or dry wipes at wolf.ua! We deliver throughout Ukraine.