Cutting machine Polar 115XT

Cutting machine Polar 115XT


POLAR XT high-speed cutting machine

Programmable models for all cutting tasks. Same technology as Model X, plus: touch screen; graphic display, program sequences; programmable job parameters (clamping pressure, pre-clamping time, sewing speed depending on specific dimensions); adjustment of the longitudinal and transverse horizontal guide and option: “P-Net”

Additional advantages compared to model X: Color 15'' TFT display Extremely easy to operate! Few controls: easy to learn and comfortable in line with the latest ergonomic layout.

Control system via industrial PC (optional). Network capabilities are fully realized using the Ethernet interface!

The POLAR XT cutting machine is equipped with an automatic pusher POLAR RA4 with built-in scales, an automatic pile lifter LW 10004, as well as a Gerhard Zoll Diplomat 515 sheet palletizer. This makes it much easier. the work of the cutter and speeds up the production process.