Mini flyer 74x210

Mini flyer 74x210

Mini flyer 74x210


Flyer mini 210x74

Flyer is a powerful advertising tool. It is designed to notify a larger circle of potential clients about the upcoming event. This is an informational leaflet. It indicates the date, time of the event, and key characteristics. And at the same time, this is an advertising material, because the flyer describes the benefits of the upcoming event.

Flyers are popular in the advertising environment, which give potential clients additional privileges. For example, they don’t just inform about the event, but give a discount on entry or on the purchase of a certain product. Having received such a flyer, a person will be more likely to want to visit a new store or go to a concert. The belief that he was given a gift is subconsciously activated, even if the same gift was given to hundreds of other people.

Fundamental differences

Leaflets come in different formats and sizes. A mini-flyer will be needed if you want to reach the maximum target audience with a small budget. It is printed at 210 x 74 - slightly smaller than the classic Euro flyer 210 x 99. In the age of fast information technology, this is the best way to briefly communicate about an upcoming event. Only the most important facts: place, time, price - will be appropriate.

The Wolf printing house prints the flyer on 130 g thick paper. This is quite thick paper on which the image will retain its brightness and play of halftones. Glossy coated paper is used. The flyer will look presentable on it. Printing on paper is done on both sides.

Please note that in order to correctly place an order, you must provide us with a layout of the future flyer. To do this, upload an image of the layout in tif or pdf format on the corresponding page of the order form. If you don’t have a layout yet, we recommend contacting the Wolf Design Exchange. Our printing house is the direct founder of this exchange, therefore we guarantee the quality of the services provided there.

Payment and delivery rules

You can pay for your order in one of the following ways: by credit card online, through the Privat24 online service, through Privatbank terminals, Privat24 "Code Word" or by bank transfer.

We can deliver finished products to one of our offices in seventeen cities. If you wish, you can pick it up at our warehouse or production site. Delivery by transport companies is also available.

Shipping and Payment:
Warehouse pickup
At order readiness day. Wait for sms.
13, Ivana Vygovskogo str., Kyiv, Mo – Fr 9:00 – 19:00
Offices pickup
+ 1 day to terms. Wait for sms.
In Ukraine, Mo – Fr 9:00 – 19:00
Nova Poshta, pickup station
+ 1–2 day to terms. Delivery in Ukraine.
According to carrie company rates.
Nova Poshta, door-to-door
+ 1–2 day to terms. Delivery in Ukraine.
According to carrie company rates.
Payment through a bank for legal entities
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Layouts recommendations:
Размер макета:
94x54 mm
Размер изделия:
90x50 mm
Safe area:
86x46 mm