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Flash drive
Description and Characteristics:

Valuable information carrier - flash drive

A flash drive with gigabytes of valuable company materials or personal information is an indispensable assistant at work and at home. A flash drive is so compact that you carry it with you in your pocket or purse, but what possibilities are hidden behind the modest design of the storage medium! When you need to transfer data, it will help out and will not get scratched, unlike a disk. Everyone will love this souvenir!

The surface of a flash card is usually plastic or metal, but the main thing is inside - what is hidden from prying eyes. Such a “little thing” can be turned into a powerful advertising project that will remind you of the company every time you need to use it. All you have to do is put your company logo on the flash drive, and your new business card is ready! An order for the production of a flash drive for applying a logo wholesale and retail for your company can be placed at the best prices at the professional printing house “Wolf” in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkov and other localities of Ukraine. If there is no layout, you can use the services of the Wolf Design Exchange to create one.

Printing methods

Souvenir and branded, with a corporate logo and design, metal and plastic ones - there are all sorts of flash drives. But if a flash card is used wisely for advertising purposes, it can become a “strategic partner” that will bring new clients to your business and become the company’s calling card. Custom printing on flash drives can be done at the Wolf printing house, which has already celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Depending on the surface material of the flash drive, the following types of logo printing are used, which are applied directly to the case or its parts:

  • silk-screen printing - suitable for any type of case, used for complex images, used here a wide palette of colors, including fluorescent (glow in the dark). The surface with the image can be velvet or voluminous;
  • Tampo printing is durable images that are resistant to damage. Suitable for all case materials;
  • Laser is a universal engraving method, suitable for metal and plastic; technically complex designs are performed with absolute precision.

Where to order printing on a flash drive with a logo

When ordering a flash drive with a company logo printed at the Wolf printing house (Kiev), you just need to fill out the form - and after a while the company’s managers will contact you. The price of printing is indicated on the website in the appropriate section. We are ready to discuss the details of the order by calling the hotline numbers listed at the top of the site or using messenger. We carry out orders responsibly and professionally, in a short time. Dispatch is carried out by courier service and transport company.

Thousands of customers have trusted us since 1995.

Flash drive white

Do you need a small but worthy gift for an employee, client or partner? We recommend paying attention to such useful little things as flash drives with a logo. They are one of the most popular little things for working with a computer, because they allow you to save and transport any files for free:

  • important forms;
  • agreements and contracts;
  • < li>valuable documents.

Flash drives with a logo are especially popular in various areas of business, as they completely ensure the safety of data and unobtrusively advertise the company’s name to others. In addition, such practical accessories are distinguished by their stylish appearance and excellent quality. This allows you to emphasize the status of the brand and distinguish it from competitors.

A logo can be applied to a flash drive either by laser or using special permanent paint. Burning is preferable for metal models, and painting is preferable for plastic products. Each of these design options has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is always up to the client.

Flash drives with painted images look bright and attractive, so they are definitely suitable for creative individuals who want to stand out among others. However, the plastic case may lose its presentable appearance over time.

Laser engraving of a flash drive to order will certainly appeal to serious business people who prefer rigor and minimalism. A metal accessory will emphasize the high status of its owner, but not every businessman will want to carry such a weighty object with him every day. That is why it is better to select the souvenir option individually, taking into account the characteristics and preferences of the person.

If you are interested in making flash drives with a logo, contact our Ukrainian printing house Wolf. Here you will find qualified craftsmen, the largest fleet of equipment in Ukraine and reasonable prices for various services. In addition, we have our own Design Exchange Wolf Design, where you can choose an original printing design option.

To order flash drives with a logo, just fill out a simple form on the website or call our managers at the numbers listed at the bottom of this page. Soon we will answer all your questions and clarify important details of your application:

  • type of printing on flash drives;
  • number of copies;
  • deadlines fulfillment;
  • the optimal method of payment and delivery.
Shipping and Payment:
Warehouse pickup
At order readiness day. Wait for sms.
13, Ivana Vygovskogo str., Kyiv, Mo – Fr 9:00 – 19:00
Offices pickup
+ 1 day to terms. Wait for sms.
In Ukraine, Mo – Fr 9:00 – 19:00
Nova Poshta, pickup station
+ 1–2 day to terms. Delivery in Ukraine.
According to carrie company rates.
Nova Poshta, door-to-door
+ 1–2 day to terms. Delivery in Ukraine.
According to carrie company rates.
Payment through a bank for legal entities

Printing on flash drives

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