2 rules for creating layouts, following which you will get a perfectly cut edition.

2 rules for creating layouts, following which you will get a perfectly cut edition.


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There is a secret that is well known to all manufacturers of printed products, but carefully hidden, like all production subtleties, from those who want to create layouts on their own. This carefully guarded secret is the external flights and the internal security zone.

The mission of Wolf Printing House is high-quality printing for everyone! Therefore, today we will talk in detail about overhangs: what are they, why are they needed, how are they made?

External overhangs are 2 mm of paper that surround your business card on all sides when it is on a printed sheet. Once the business card is cut from the sheet, these 2 mm will turn into garbage and will no longer be important. But at the cutting stage, the value of 2 mm paper, on which only the background is printed, cannot be overestimated.

After all, small formats often limit the freedom of artistic expression. And here the quality of printing and cutting comes to the fore. How to measure cutting quality? It's simple: straight cutting lines, 90 degree angles - these are the requirements for the work of a carver. But if, with all the above-mentioned advantages, a white edge glows on one side of the product, although according to the plan the background of the business card is gray, the fault is the fault, or rather the lack thereof.

In order to avoid such a nuisance, when designing the layout, you need to indicate the size is not 90x50 mm, but 94x54 mm. And fill the entire surface with the background. Then, the error allowed by the cutting technology will not be able to harm your layout, because the cutting line does not pass along the thin border of contact of two colors, but 2 mm from this border. In this way, you have protected the edges of a business card, calendar or flyer from the invasion of white color, thereby preserving the artistic value of your layout.

By the way, if you have black text on a white background, and there is seemingly nothing to bleed does not work out, and there is no need for technological tolerances, still create a layout measuring 94x54 mm, this is the key to high-quality cutting. In the seemingly empty and unnecessary space, cut marks will be located; this is the technology for all printed products without exception.

As for the safety zone, this is an even lesser-known subtlety that even professionals can forget about. And yet, the secret to obtaining a truly high-quality product is to follow the rule: text and significant images (for example, a logo) should not be closer than 2 mm to the cut line. Those. the border strip along the perimeter of the entire business card (it is called the security zone) should be filled only with the background. This guarantees the integrity of the composition and the inviolability of all objects. They have no chance of getting under the knife, and you took care of that.

To summarize, we can say that the outer edges protect the edges of your business card, and the inner security zone takes care of the safety of information. Knowing and applying these rules in your work, you will achieve an impeccable result, which you can proudly say is your merit.

Wolf Printing House wishes you only high-quality printing and creative victories!

Grigoruk Anastasia,
marketing- manager of the agency "EasyFlyer".