What and why should I print on thick paper 400 g/m2?

What and why should I print on thick paper 400 g/m2?


Just recently we published news that 400 g/m2 paper has returned to our range of printing papers. Let us tell you in more detail what advantages printing on thick paper provides and what products it is best used for.

Where is thick printing paper used

The density (thickness) of the paper is of utmost importance when choosing a material for each specific project. If thin budget paper is suitable for mass distribution materials, for example, flyers, then thicker options are preferable for products that need to look presentable. One of the most popular products that are produced from 400 g/m2 paper in our printing house is premium business cards. But this is far from the only product that looks as impressive as possible; this material is also used for printing:

  • menus;
  • postcards;
  • invitations;
  • gift, club, discount cards;
  • certificates and diplomas;
  • covers for presentations or brochures.

What such paper is good

Thick and dense paper is a practical and attractive solution. Its advantages for premium printed products:

  • durability. Products printed on thin paper wrinkle and look worn out after a short time. If you want your business card or any other item to stand out and remain in the same condition as when you hand it to the client, investing in more durable paper will be worth it. Durable use is especially important for gift or discount cards, diplomas, menus;
  • first impression. We dress beautifully if we want to make a beautiful impression. Business cards and other marketing materials are no different. You're passing them on to give your contact information, but it's also a chance to demonstrate your professionalism. This is where design, paper weight, performance and coating come into play. If a person receives 10 business cards a day, yours, printed on thick paper, will undoubtedly have the best image. Thick business cards create an image of stability, professionalism and consistency. They feel more luxurious to the touch and immediately help form the desired opinion. Another eye-catching and effective tool for building image and maintaining customer loyalty is beautiful greeting cards, which are used instead of business cards or for direct mail.

So, we hope that the benefits of using thick paper will inspire you to use it to your advantage. If you are looking for an original solution that will surprise your customers, you will definitely find what you need on our website wolf.ua!