Print invitations you can't refuse

Print invitations you can't refuse


In a world where phones are constantly ringing, emails and instant messenger notifications are endless, a personalized, beautifully designed invitation is a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to receive such a product, it makes you feel special, a truly welcome guest, because it takes time to create it - you need to develop a design, find a printing house, and send it. A few additional ideas for inspiration wouldn't hurt either.

The Third Dimension

Laser cutting allows you to make a product truly unique and cut out the finest details. One example is a die-cut drop-down design - an invitation to the Nike We Run London. Popular places in London are shown here. The combination of cream paper and gold embossing adds sophistication and evokes warm emotions.

Patterned Text

Laser cutting also allows you to cut out elements of text and images into the invitation itself. This technique goes well with bright designer paper.


Gold embossing may seem overly pompous, but it looks great against dark printed items that it contrasts with. If you design in a minimalist style, the invitation will look elegant and expensive.

Geometric shapes

It is not necessary to make the invitation a traditional rectangle. You can order die-cutting of non-standard shapes.

You can also make an invitation in the form of an item directly related to the event to which you are inviting guests. For example, Sydney creative studio Distillery created a vinyl record invitation to a designer party with live music. By the way, paper with excellent texture was used for the product, pleasant to the touch.

Floral illustrations

Wedding invitations don't have to be boring. Floral design and simple text, which seems to be intertwined, go well together and symbolize the unification of two hearts

Add interactivity

Who doesn't like to play? In an unusual invitation, you need to pull on the cut out fragments to see the hidden text. The stylish design with bright green shades, which harmonize perfectly with the purple elements, also attracts attention.

Invitation-gift wrapping

Another example of a non-standard wedding invitation was offered by designer Charlotte Fosdyke. According to the bride, it had to be very memorable, so that her friends would want to keep it after the wedding. She also wanted to remind her loved ones of what unites her and her groom - a love of travel, new dishes, visiting markets, meeting new people and exploring the world. The envelopes contained packets of spices stylized as invitations.

Garland invitation

Such invitations are easy to make yourself. You can order the production of round products from a printing house, placing text on one side and illustrations on the other and connecting them with a beautiful ribbon.

Natural lines

The invitation to the NEXT exhibition uses lines reminiscent of sea waves. They are associated with dynamism and interactivity.

Thus, printing invitations to various events, both corporate and personal, can become a real art. It is necessary to use all modern printing capabilities - laser cutting, embossing, varnishing, combining them with non-standard textured and colored papers - and the end result will be truly impressive.