Payment link

Payment link


Are you familiar with the situation when a manager creates an order, but the accounting department refuses to pay for it using the chosen method? Wrong payer, wrong payment method? Or when you, as a manager, need to place an order on behalf of a client and transfer it to him for payment? We have a simple solution!

We present to you the “Payment Link”. This is your personal tool that will allow you, your accountant or your clients to pay for orders in a couple of clicks without SMS and registrations.

  1. Mark the orders you need.
  2. Click on the “Link” button for payment.”
  3. You will be taken to a remote payment page adapted for mobile phones and devoid of unnecessary information. Share this page with an accountant or client (send the link in a convenient way).
  4. Yours an accountant or client will be able to choose a method convenient for him and pay for orders in one click - without authorization and registration.

It couldn’t be simpler!