Top 5 New Year's printing products: secrets of bright advertising and successful gifts!

Top 5 New Year's printing products: secrets of bright advertising and successful gifts!


The end of December is traditionally associated with warm holidays at home. In addition, this is always an excellent reason to please your clients and loved ones with stylish and functional printed gifts. In this article we will talk about the top 5 New Year's products that not only serve as an excellent advertising tool, but will also become a unique and memorable gift.


The end of the year and the beginning of the next is the time make plans, make pleasant surprises and order calendars with your logo. Branded calendars are becoming especially relevant. Ordering unusual calendars with a company logo is the best way to emphasize the uniqueness of the brand.

The more beautiful your product, the more likely it is to win sympathy. For marketers, this means that calendar printing offers the opportunity to gain continuous brand visibility. Ordinary users can order a calendar with memorable photographs and receive a stylish interior detail.

Holiday paper bags with a logo

Printing on bags is always on trend before the holidays. Branded bags make it possible to elegantly pack any gift. There is no need to use wrapping paper and waste time.

Printing bags with your logo will create a unique style and your brand will be right in the hands of customers.

To order the perfect bags with a logo, we recommend paying attention to the printing of bags with embossing and hybrid varnish. The combination of bright colors, unique shine and unique glossy-matte reliefs looks incomparable!

Custom notepads

Branded notepads are ideal helpers. They do not depend on electricity and store all your thoughts and plans. Notebooks with a logo can be an independent souvenir or serve as an addition to other promotional products.

Printing notebooks with a unique design will make a good gift for those who value creativity. Agree, it’s more pleasant to take out a stylish item from your bag that no one else has, look at it and receive aesthetic pleasure. Choose printing on notepads to create a lasting impression.

Holiday Branded Cards

We haven't sent cards for a long time, but we're always pleasantly surprised when we receive them. Order printing of postcards to please your clients on a specific occasion or just because.

Creating cards with your logo is a unique way to stand out. Custom postcards make it possible to send personal greetings and tell loved ones how much we love them. Postcards with the logo can be sent to partners with words of gratitude for their cooperation in the past year.

Personal communication and warm wishes to loved ones are another good reason to order postcards; this is a good addition to a gift, and can also become a touching souvenir in itself.

Branded glasses

Branding coffee cups is relevant at any time of the year. Making paper cups with a logo allows you to achieve the perfect combination of practicality, convenience and effective advertising. Printing on glasses is a great way to highlight your brand in people's daily routines.

The big advantage is that cups with the logo are used everywhere. Regardless of whether you choose printing on coffee cups or printing on paper cups of other sizes, you get a high-quality original product that can be used in the office, at exhibitions, corporate events, during promotions, as well as in coffee shops and restaurants.

         Choose custom glasses with a logo on our website and give your customers not only a flavorful drink, but also a dose of comfort and pleasant memories of your brand.< /p>

          Don’t put off ordering New Year’s printing products. They will promote your brand and give a good mood to your clients and partners, family and friends. Let the souvenirs become an integral part of the New Year's magic!