Uploading layouts in the archive

Uploading layouts in the archive


Tired of wasting time loading layouts one page at a time? What if you want to order a brochure, but the designer sent the original layouts as separate pages?

Now you can forget about the monotonous downloading of files individually. We have added the function of downloading archived layouts to our website! Just collect all the pages into one archive and send it to us. The site will do the rest!

How it works:

  1. Collect the necessary files in one folder;
  2. Compress it to an archive, for example ZIP (this archiver is built into Windows or MacOS by default);
  3. Upload the archive to the website. The site automatically unpacks the archive, prioritizes files (pdf is processed first, then all other formats);
  4. The site automatically puts all files found and suitable in format for processing on all free pages of the order (as if they had loaded multi-page pdf file).

Everything. We sit, drink tea, wait for the files to be processed.

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