The largest advertising event in our country has ended - the fourteenth International Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing and Mass Media REX 2010. During these wonderful days, representatives of the Wolf Group of Companies tried to implement the “maximum” program, showing new printing technologies and new directions in services and products of the company. We believe that we more than succeeded!

The promoters of our printing house, even at the entrance to the exhibition center, handed out flyers and bright invitations so that people were aware that they were really expected. Of course, they were expected to have a bright and stylish stand, a fashion show of charming hotties and simply an abyss of colorful and unique printed products. We did our best with this and stocked up on a lot of handouts. People willingly took them apart, looked at them, and admired them. Visitors eagerly took apart the samples and looked at them enthusiastically. You say: "Printing as an art?" – we answer: “Of course, yes!” An artist worked at our stand, presenting a new direction of the company - hand-drawn advertising. On the second day of the exhibition, the first painting appeared - a magnificent wolf, which immediately attracted the attention of visitors eager to take pictures with him. A reproduction of the painting was immediately printed in large formats at the stand of a company selling large-format equipment.

Note that, by the end of the day, our huge poster was successfully and cleverly expropriated by someone. This is the demand for a new service! :)

If you had a chance to visit REX 2010, then you should have seen the wolf's "paws" indicating the way to our stand. Competitors were not enthusiastic about such signs, and the organizers were somewhat puzzled. However, everything worked out and the paws worked until the end of the exhibition. Oh yes! We wiped the nose of the invitation speculators: our promoters with free invites clearly spoiled their efforts in small business for someone. And that’s right, business is business. Our partners, in gratitude for the quality cooperation, placed pennants “Our printing partner - Wolf”. Thanks to the partner companies “Advertising Coalition”, “AVIRSU”, “New Marketing”, “Bureaukrat”, “TTA-Production”, “Package World”, we will continue to try for them with triple enthusiasm!

The seminar "One shot - One Hit. Correct advertising printing" was a success. Almost all of the registered visitors were able to come. People listened with genuine interest to the story about new technologies, creative solutions and effective tools. Everyone, as expected, received a selection of materials with hybrid printing, thermal inks, products using MetalFX© technology, mini-calendars and printed souvenirs from the Wolf Group of Companies. Let us also note the considerable number of journalists present at the seminar.

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