Restaurant counters: evolution of style and service

Restaurant counters: evolution of style and service


Accountants or accountants (folders for bills and checks) began to be actively used in the middle of the 19th century. Initially they protected money and receipts from contamination, and today they have become an important element of style and service in restaurants. Let's talk about why it is so important to invest in quality invoice folders.

History of cashiers

At the end of the 19th century, the practice of giving a client a check in a restaurant with the results of the order became increasingly popular and in demand. This is how visitors fought against various abuses of waiters. Receipt books, made from simple cardboard, have become a convenient means of presenting bills to guests. They protected bills and money from dirt and damage.

By the 20th century, better materials were already used for folders and beautifully decorated, and in the 60-70s they began to be used in branding . Today, a counter in a cafe or restaurant is an important component of corporate style. The overall impression that the visitor gets depends on it.

Effective counters for a restaurant: why is this important

In any establishment, a unique experience for the client consists of many components. Therefore, even such an inconspicuous element as an invoice folder can affect the overall success of the restaurant:

  • Visual impression. Quality counters create a visual impact and can become part of the overall aesthetic of the restaurant. They not only keep bills organized, but also serve as decorative elements and add sophistication to every visit.
  • Professionalism and branding. Restaurant logo invoice folders provide plenty of space for branding and personalization. They enhance brand recognition, while at the same time highlighting the restaurant's attention to detail.
  • Convenience for the customer. Quality invoice folders have a functional element to them. They hide the receipt from someone who does not need to show it, and protect against accidental stains or damage. This creates a pleasant impression and improves overall customer satisfaction.
  •  Eco-friendly and sustainable. By choosing high-quality environmentally friendly materials, the restaurant takes care of the environment. In addition, abrasion and moisture resistant materials ensure long service life of the counters.
  • Differentiation from competitors. In a highly competitive world, a restaurant must stand out. High-quality folders for invoices can become the element that will help you stand out from similar establishments and be remembered.

Advantages of invoice folders from Wolf Printing House

At Wolf Printing House we understand that correctly selected and well-manufactured A restaurant counter can be an effective tool for business. The advantages we offer:

  • Aesthetic design. We have many unique printing and finishing technologies in our arsenal. Choose from pearlescent inks, digital varnish or foil varnish, hybrid varnish, individually or together.
  • Efficiency. Our folders easily hold bills, credit cards and bills.
  • Personalization options. Digital printing makes it possible to produce individual products, so you can create an innumerable variety of design options. You can also experiment with small runs.
  • Competitive prices. Advanced technologies and a high level of automation enable us to offer favorable prices for premium products.

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