Now or never: how to gain customer trust?

Now or never: how to gain customer trust?


The modern world of business offers the selective public a variety of goods and services, among which each person can choose what he likes. The rich variety of options definitely pleases buyers, but not business people. After all, your company should be noticed among experienced competitors, and this requires considerable effort! How to get the attention of the audience, you ask? We will tell you: the path to the client’s heart runs through a strong bridge of trust. But here are some practical tips on how to build it:

“Service for a million”

Surely you started a business so as not to work for the benefit of the boss and turn your skills into excellent income , and not because you have experience working with clients. However, you can’t do without it! Interaction with the target audience should begin with a smile, positive attitude and sincere attentiveness to everyone. And if you also quickly respond to customer requests, they will definitely come again to make a purchase from you!

“Double guarantee”

If you offer new products or services, take care not only of their impeccable quality, but also about the possibility of exchange or return. Imagine that your client wanted a durable bag, but received, for example, a plastic bag. Both products are good and useful in their own way, but a person’s expectations and the real offer are separate. Therefore, feel free to make a refund and do not be afraid to be left in the red: satisfied customers will certainly return and recommend you to others.

“Online dossier”

Most people love to play Sherlock, looking for various information about a company before contacting it. Don't panic, just be prepared for it. If you have a beautiful website with exciting information about starting a career, developing a brand and planned projects for the future, you're in business! It also wouldn’t hurt to have a special page with a user-friendly interface for users who want to leave a review and share their impressions of your service. Agree, this will strengthen the relationship with the audience and will be a plus for your karma.

“Information Bureau”

Another important task is to answer customer questions on time. Use instant messengers, forums, mailbox, or even all these services at the same time. Let people know that they can quickly contact you at any time, without having to spend hours on the phone.

You can prepare universal answers to the most popular questions in advance and publish them on the company website. Believe me, such a step will dispel people's fear of trusting you. At a minimum, because you will show sincere concern and save their precious time.