Link for remote designer

Link for remote designer


Tired of coordinating between a designer who can't get the measurements right and a printer who refuses to accept an incorrect layout? This tip is for you!

Simply provide the designer with a download link and let him handle all the layout issues without interrupting you.

How does it work?

Suppose you want to print a business card. The original layout was ordered from the designer. We immediately proceed to downloading the files and copy this link:

By copying the link, you pass it on to the designer. And ask the designer to immediately upload the result of his activities to the website, which will immediately notify you of possible problems. Once the designer selects the correct dimensions and resolution of the images, you can confirm the layout for printing and pay for it.

That is, you no longer need to participate in this process: the designer sends you the layout, you upload it to site, the site detects errors, you report this to the designer, the designer redoes the layout and sends it to you again... and so on ad infinitum. Now let the designer deal with his mistakes himself. Your task will only be to pay for the order.

What does the designer see?

Only what he needs for work: loading blocks and requirements for layouts.

This is what the screen looks like for a designer:

Safety comes first

The link for the designer is unique and impossible to guess. Therefore, no one, even by accident, will be able to “snoop” on your layout.

In turn, the designer follows your link without SMS and registration, he does not need to give any logins or passwords, nothing. Just a link.