Triplex business cards: Even thicker and cooler

Triplex business cards: Even thicker and cooler


Standard business cards can be compared to the dinosaurs of the advertising world. Most of these products are made in an identical design and from a distance they look almost the same. Meanwhile, any business owner needs to make a lasting impression on his audience, emphasize individuality, and increase recognition. Therefore, memorable printed products with a wow effect are needed. A new product from the Wolf printing house - triplex business cards - is perfect for this.

What is it

Triplex business card is a kind of “sandwich” that consists of two layers of elite white Mondi DNS Premium cardboard and colored (black, red or blue - to choose from) cardboard between them. Thus, the thickness of the finished product is 1 mm! The business card looks solid, interesting and professional. The colored ends will undoubtedly attract attention, and the white backing guarantees excellent print quality on both sides.


You probably hold hundreds of documents in your hands throughout the year. And most likely, you remember some of them much better than others. One of the reasons is that these documents were printed on thicker paper and weighed more. Thick business cards - perfectly involve your customers in communication. The difference becomes noticeable as soon as the product reaches the user's hands. Here are its main advantages:

  • Tactile impressions. As soon as you pick up such a business card, you will fall in love with it. And your clients will feel the same. The more emotions the advertising product evokes, the more memorable the message will be. So a combination of visual and tactile sensations is an excellent solution;
  • Attractiveness. Thick business cards look very aesthetically pleasing, especially taking into account the bright colored ends and ultra-high-quality white cardboard, on which any texts and images look great;
  • Differentiation. Look through your collection of business cards - you are unlikely to come across similar products. Now remember how you look at business cards collected at some exhibition and rank them by importance. Imagine that among others you come across a unique, very thick business card - most likely it will take the first place on your list;
  • Reliability. Thick products are better preserved, they will last and remain attractive much longer: they will not wrinkle while in the pockets or purses of your customers. For this reason, they can also be used as discount or club cards;
  • Memorability. This factor is important for any advertising product. The better both existing and potential customers remember you, the more successful your business will be. When planning to print promotional products, you should use all the methods to remain in the memory - dense materials, bright finishes, non-standard design;
  • Premium. A three-layer business card looks expensive and will evoke associations with an expensive and reliable brand that you can trust - because its owners do not skimp on trifles and practice an original approach.

So, triplex business card - a great way to make the right first impression. She looks incredibly stylish and modern. Your clients will definitely pay attention to your brand and your offer, and perhaps your business card will become the determining factor when choosing a partner, service or product.

Be ahead of the competition at the turn - a small investment in vibrant printed products will undoubtedly pay off many times over. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to order a new product and be the first to try it in action.

This is not a burger for you! Triplex business card! Champion among business cards

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