Corporate publications: done correctly

Corporate publications: done correctly


Corporate publications are a great way to inform potential clients of the latest news and ask for help , show your respect. You can limit yourself to sending an email, but the printed version has a number of advantages: it will attract attention faster, because it looks brighter and is more convenient to read. We offer some useful tips that will help make the publication more interesting.

Specify your specific goal

Before you start working on the publication, you need to understand what exactly you want to achieve. Attract sponsors, give more information about yourself, advertise something - the list goes on. Without clear goals, you won't be able to put together the right content for your target audience. In this case, there may be one or two goals. Do not place too high hopes on the publication and do not provide too much information in it, otherwise you can oversaturate the recipient, he will stop reading and will not return to your publication.

Analyze the needs of the audience

Before sending another newspaper or magazine, make sure the database is up to date. People move frequently and this is something to consider to avoid unnecessary postage costs. Also think about what content might be of interest to your readers, what exactly was placed in previous versions, what worked and what didn’t.

Decide on the medium

Of course, email newsletters are significantly cheaper. Especially if we are talking about frequent publications, for example, weekly magazines. However, as already mentioned, the printed version has advantages over the electronic version.

Readers will read the printed version faster because it is easier than reading from a screen. Your potential clients will especially appreciate personalized treatment. After all, it’s very easy to create an email newsletter, but not everyone can spend the money and show such attention. For this reason, printed items have a much greater response.

Brown paper and green tones are modern “classics” that emphasize the environmental friendliness of the company