Stylish website design: a few tips

Stylish website design: a few tips


According to the American marketing company BLUE CORONA, 48% of people believe that website design is important indicator of business reliability. Often the first impression of your company is formed after visiting the website. Therefore, its attractive design is a necessary condition. Let's talk about how to improve it.

Only the most important

When developing a design, many people strive to add as many different elements to the pages as possible. But it is very important not to overdo it, otherwise the site will look chaotic. Place only what you really need, and not what just looks nice. Think over the functionality and take care of the user.

Design for the user

It is important to remember that your audience needs a website to learn more about your business and communicate with you. Therefore, it should be convenient for users. Do your best to achieve this. Review the format of elements, navigation, visual design.

The faster the client gets to the information he needs, the more effective your site is as an advertising medium. Don't make you look through all the pages to find your email.


The color design of the website should be in harmony with corporate colors and printed marketing materials. If you are new to business and there is no specific connection to color, think about the right choice. Different shades have different effects on the perception of a business. It is important to understand what associations will arise among customers.

Color variety is not very good. 3-4 shades are enough. As a rule, you choose one main color, one or two accent colors and a color for the text. The arrangement of color blocks must be identical on each page.

Visual elements

When users come to the site for the first time, it is necessary to “catch” their attention with attractive elements. They bring balance to the page and break up the text. This could be photos, videos or infographics.

But again, every element that goes on the page should be truly important - you shouldn't post photos for the sake of photos, they should reflect your business or industry. For example, choose photos of staff, office, products or people using your services.

In this case, it is advisable to use real photographs, and not purchased from photo banks or downloaded from the Internet. Otherwise, you may get the impression of a fake business. Video tours of the enterprise, product reviews can also be a good choice and will allow visitors to learn more about you.

Correct font

Beautiful pictures and bright colors - this is not a complete list of requirements for a good website. Text also plays an important role. High-quality content and competent design are required. In other words, it should be comfortable to read. It is on this basis that fonts should be selected. Do not give preference to beautiful, but unreadable ones.


Even if it seems to you that the site is perfect, continue to constantly improve it. Try modifying the design, adding, removing or changing the location of all components and monitor user behavior. Sometimes small changes—say, moving a call-to-action button—are enough to significantly improve the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

So, beautiful websites provide valuable traffic, introduce users to your business, and stimulate sales. Therefore, it is important to invest in quality design and create a website that will look truly attractive and effectively perform advertising functions.